English Teaching Call for Papers

2020-07-26 16:13:37

English Teaching, Journal of the Korea Association of Teachers of English
http://journal.kate.or.kr, http://www.kate.or.kr
ISSN: 1017-7108

Dear colleagues,

We gladly invite you to submit your research paper for English Teaching. English Teaching is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of the Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE). English Teaching invites contributions on current theoretical and practical issues as well as research studies in areas including the following:

second language acquisition
learning and teaching language skills
curriculum design and development
instructional methods, materials, and techniques
language assessment
language planning and policies
teacher training and professional preparation

The deadline for submission is as follows:
Due July 31 for the Autumn (September) issue
Due Sept 30 for the Winter (December) issue.

The papers should be submitted via our online paper submission system at http://submission.kate.or.kr by July 31, 2019. The length of the manuscript should be around 25 pages including the abstract, tables, figures, and references. While we require contributors to follow a particular format as shown in http://www.kate.or.kr/html/sub4_02.html, you can work on your own preferred format.

We are looking forward to receiving your paper. For any information needed, please feel free to contact the editor via e-mail: katejournal28@gmail.com.

On behalf of the Editorial Board,
Dr. Hyun Jin Kim
Editor-in-Chief, English Teaching