Table of Contents

Preface                                                                                                Hu Wenzhong

Plenary Addresses

The role of frequency in ELT: new corpus evidence brings a re-appraisal    Geoffrey Leech

Constructs of “Context” in second language learning and teaching: ecologies and economies                                                                                                           Chris Candlin

Tradition and change in the ELT curriculum                           David Nunan

English as an international language and Japan’s English language teaching    Nobuyuki Honna

Meeting the communicative demands in academic and professional training curricula: an overview of ELT in tertiary institutions in Singapore                            Ho Wah Kam

On a streamline English language teaching system with Chinese characteristics   Dai Weidong

A matter of balance: reflections on China’s language policy in education        Hu Wenzhong

From the classroom to distance to the internet(?)                                                   Gu Yueguo


                                                 Syllabus design and materials development


EFL in the strategic development of Western China                         Du Ruiqing

Reforms in teaching and curriculum at the English department, BFSU       Zhou Yan

Communicative English teaching in the context of China’s reforms      Xiao Huiyun and Rod Lawrence

ELT curriculum changes in the 21st century: planning to support the implementers in their wider and local contexts                                            Martin Wedell

New media technologies and transformation of English literature classroom: with special reference to the designing and teaching of ‘comparative cultural studies’ course               Mao Sihui

The possibilities of fostering learner autonomy through syllabus innovation       Ji Kangli

Setting up a training system for multilingual students in the English department      Zhang Zhen’ai

Turning to a learner-oriented, task-based curriculum for non-English major Ph.D. students          Li Shoujing, Zhou Li and Li Dongfang

A first person education: a review of the RICH method of foreign language instruction                                                                         Huang Aifeng


                                               Learner autonomy and learning strategy


Investigating Chinese university students’ readiness for learner autonomy: performance, perceptions and problems                                                           Wu Hongyun

Transferring cultures of learning and teaching: the case of Chinese students on foundation programmes in the UK                                              Tim Barker

Impact of students’ motivation on language learning strategies usage and on attitudes towards multimedia instruction                                           Juan Francisco Coll & Zhang Yujuan

What language courses haven’t prepared us for: a qualitative study of Chinese students’ language difficulties during a prolonged stay in the host environment                      Tang Jinlan

English Language Learning and Self-identity Construction-- Three cases of college English majors Gao Yihong, Li Yuxia and Li Weina

Teaching students to learn and to be: a teaching approach that works             Deng Zhihui

Self- and other-correction after the task-based pair work: how students correct their speech errors                                                                                          Ma Dongmei

Repetition in L2 interaction: a sociocultural prespective                  Peng Yan

Language typological transfer and interlanguage                               Yang Lianrui

Factors that facilitate successful learners in their English learning process: a case study of 5 successful students                                                                Zhang Linhua

An empirical research on the impact of strategy-based instruction on oral English performance                                                                     Zhu Yuezhen and Zuo Hongshan

Quantifying Chinese EFL learners’ out-of-class contact with English    Zhang Wenzhong and Wang Xiuzhen

Sex differences in learner contributions to English learning: an investigation report         Lian Jie

Grammaticality judgment in exploring interlanguage intuition: a study of Chinese EFL learners’ knowledge of parasitic gaps                                       Dai Manchun

Internal structure of EFL motivation at the tertiary level in China                    Qin Xiaoqing

Learning preferences of Chinese EFL students: a survey                      Zhang Hongsheng

Plagiarism: different cultural perspectives                   Zhang Benshen and Jiang Wenying

The practice of self-access learning in the Sino-British ELT Centre                    Liu Li


                                               Listening and speaking


Using authentic broadcast materials in the language classroom                     Li Shuchun

Listening strategies by non-English majors in China                          Wang yu

Syllable length in Chinese EFL learners’ English utterances and its implications Wang Guizhen

The negative transfer of Chinese pronunciation in learning English                  Xie Fang




Schema theory and its application in teaching EFL reading                      Liu Changqing

Towards critical reading awareness in Chinese tertiary EFL classroom       Li Lisheng

Computer-assisted English reading                                                Zhou Jie


                                             Vocabulary acquisition  


College English vocabulary acquisition and its revelation to vocabulary teaching                                                                                          Li Liwen

Exploring acquisition patterns of L2 vocabulary depth                     Liu Shaolong

Dictionary strategies and vocabulary learning                           Wu Xia and Chang Qing

An approach to learner-centred vocabulary teaching                    Zhang Yurong

Word connotation in a second language: are they acquired by foreign language learners?      Jiang Lan




Comparing the effects of reading and writing on writing performance             Hu Youzhen

An exploration of test effect on EFL learners’ written production         Chen Huiyuan and Yang Suzhen

Contrastive discourse analysis: an approach to explore the relationship between language, feeling, concept and situation in ELT                                                              Qu Yanping

Education for quality and the course design of writing for business communication                                                                                                                              Fu Meirong


                                      Computer-assisted language learning and corpus building


Multimedia approach to foreign language learning in a university setting: PLAUFL’s experience                                                      Cheng Gong, Cao Shouguang & Wu Jun

Effect of computer-assisted English learning on college students and its implication in China                                                                Dong Zhe and Sun Qiudan

CALL of the real world                                                      Jane Orton

Computerized corpora and foreign language teaching              He Anping

Corpus-based adaptive language learning                             Zeng Yongqiang

Implementation plan for a 30 million word Chinese/English parallel corpus (CEPC)                 

Wang Lidi and Wang Jianxin


                                                  Testing and evaluation


What do they do while reading: an investigation into the response validity of TEM4 reading test               Zou Shen, Zhang Yanli and Zhou Yuemei

Accuracy of reading comprehension by translation                                Tian Hua

Classroom assessment: a good alternative to oral examination                       Lin Yan

Verifying the construct validity of CET-6 reading comprehension tests                         Fu Qiong and Zhangwenxia

Computer adaptive test and its application in college English teaching          Ding Guosheng




Teacher training


Classroom observation: an effective means of in-service teacher devlopment    Xie Yali

An exploratory investigation of Chinese English teachers’ knowledge system and their classroom behaviour                                            Yu Caisheng and Lei Cuifang





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